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The Green Ranch Family

The Green Ranch Family

 The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe is an eco-friendly equestrian leisure destination owned and operated by a multi-cultural and minimalist family : Da'Kwadwo who is a native to Lake Bosomtwe and Ma'Elodie, born and bred in France, once a world traveller and today, proudly a Ghanaian naturalised citizen. Their 2 sons, Simeon and Menelik are living their best life under the sun, by the lake and around the semi-free horses. 

As Earthkeepers, our way of Life is as close to Nature as it can be, being very moderate in our needs, consuming little and consciously and treating our waste wisely. To remain authentic, we have replicated our natural lifestyle in our business

In addition to the Family, the Green Ranch permanently employs a team of half dozen women who are in their majority from the villages around the Lake. Due to the small size of our business, some of these ladies have been trained to be polyvalent workers so that they can assist the kitchen as well as help at the horses'stables or clean the guests'rooms and also prepare the water sports'equipement.

They work by shifts and there are 2 shifts per day. All the staff of the Green Ranch has been sensibilized, educated and is regularly reminded of the environmental protection and conservation orientation of their working place. 


Elodie and Kwadwo, the owners and founders of the Green Ranch, started building it early 2010. Da'Kwadwo is taking care of all the logistics behind the business meanwhile Elodie, the 'French horsewoman' manages it. She is also the certified horse-riding instructor who rides along all the rides to guarantee them safe and pleasant. They are parents of Simeon and Menelik.

Elodie and Kwadwo, The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe

Simeon is almost 13YO now and is a great fan of animals in general, horses in particular, like his Mum. He swims like a fish in our quiet lake and he is also very good at skimming stones. Menelik, 8YO,  prefers riding his bike and skateboarding, as well as playing some piano. They speak French and Twi as their mother and father tongues, English being their third language. Due to his ADHD, Simeon is home-schooling meanwhile Menelik goes to a local school. 





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