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About us

About us

The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe is a small eco-friendly equestrian leisure destination operated by our multi-cultural family : we indeed like to think of our staff members to be all part of the Green Ranch Family.

Please take a few minutes to get to know each and everyone one before you come and join us for a very personalized experience.

Elodie and Kwadwo are the owners and founders of the Green Ranch which they started building early 2010. Kwadwo, who comes from the lake, is taking care of all the logistics behind the business meanwhile Elodie, the 'French horsewoman' manages it. She is also the horse-trekking instructor and rides along all the rides to guarantee them safe and pleasant. They are the parents of Simeon and Menelik.

Elodie and Kwadwo, The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe

Simeon is today a 5-year-old boy who is already a great fan of horses, like his Mum. He loves swimming in the quiet lake and helping at the stables feeding the horses.

Simeon became a big brother early 2016 with the birth of our second son, Menelik.

Simeon, The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe

Afia has been working at the Green Ranch for seven solid years, as a gardener assistant at first and then she became the Nanny of our children. Ever since, she has got training in all the fields of the business, being an excellent horse-stablewoman among other working qualities. She certainly is the corner stone of the Green Ranch.

Afia, The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe

Frank, our stableman, is surely the luckiest of all of us ! 7 beautiful mares to take care of, groom, feed, ride and only 1 male ! He s been in charge of the well-being of the horses since August 2015 and has turned an excellent rider since then, absolutely capable to guide short rides with a limited number of riders.

Oh ! And of course, Feank can alao tour you in a nearby cocoa plantation if you would want to know more about the life our our cocoa farming neighbours.


Gloria started working at the Green Ranch after completing her vocational school in June 2015. She has long become an excellent vegetarian cook whose golden fingers will prepare you the best and safest salads, yammie stews and tasty local meals together with surprising desserts and fresh homemade juices.

She will take care of you on our breath-taking view dining-veranda overlooking the lake, mountains and roaming horses.

Gloria, The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe