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Our Location

Our Location

We are located up the hill side from Lake Bosomtwe giving us some amazing advantages overlooking the lake. Hence the first is the spectacular view. The other is that we are not troubled by mosquitoes at all.

Lake Bosomtwe is Ghana’s only natural lake and also one of the six meteorite lakes in the whole world which makes it a very special lake. It is set in the Ashanti region a little less than 40 km South East of Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana. It takes about an hour and a half to get here from Kumasi.

The lake is considered to be sacred and a deity to the local people. One of the prominent taboos that you will find in the area is that it is forbidden to use the typical dugout canoe on the lake so you will see that the local fishermen use a large plank called the padua that they sit on and use paddles much like dinner plates in each hand.

There are 24 communities surrounding the lake that used to primarily subsist on fishing but now have moved onto cocoa plantation, farming and animal rearing due to the dropping fish stalks in the lake. This has had the unfortunate consequence of contributing to increasing deforestation and erosion around the lake though. It still remains very green and beautiful to this day.

The lake basin has a unique flora and fauna biodiversity with a combination of a rainforest and a wetland eco-system, making it a perfect habitat for the multitude of resident birds likewise the migrating ones.

Our GPS coordinate are: 6.518798, -1.440488