Horse-back riding

Horse-back Riding

Horse-back riding

As our primary activity revolves around horse-back riding, we are hoping to attract to the Green Ranch people who are primarily interested in horses and/or are horse lovers to take full advantage of this unique opportunity in Ghana.

We price our rides by the hour with each hour being 150 GHS. An additional half hour is 90GHS. Minimum riding time is one hour *

We also offer the Big Loop around the whole lake that takes up to 10 hours but charges only 1300 GHS for one single rider or 1100 GHS per person from 2 riders and more. The maximum number of persons for the Big Loop is 6 riders at a time.

Elodie will be your expedition guide as she is fully certified in equestrian expeditions as a horse-trekking instructor. This means she takes care of everything from the handling of the horses to any type of emergencies.

Please remember to book your ride at least one day in advance to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts and to bring long pants, closed shoes, and sun protection.
We will provide all the other equipment including the safety helmets.

There is nowhere else in Ghana that offers expeditions like this on horseback so come and have an unforgettable horse ride at Lake Bosomtwe with the Green Ranch Family!

(*prices can be subject to adjustment at any time)

Horse-back riding

One hour of guided horseback riding on the shores of Lake Bosomtwe and through the traditional villages is 150 GHS/horse.

As longer rides will enable you to see more of the environment such as cocoa plantations, local plantain farms and the surrounding rainforest, do not hesitate to book a 2-hour up to a half-day ride to experience the wilderness of the Lake area to its fullest ! Beginners will be firmly assisted by the instructor to guide and control their gentle horse.

from 150 GHS/horse

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Lunch 'n Ride

Join us for a wonderful lunch, we have fresh vegetarian dishes and home made juices.  Before or after lunch we would be happy to take you on  a horseback ride.  Price depends upon the length of ride and what you eat for lunch.

from Ghs.40

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The Big Loop around the lake

There is no word to describe the amplitude of the Big Loop experience !

Read our past Big Loopers'reviews and you may get a taste of it.

The Big Loop must be booked in advance and is not available on Saturdays nor on Sundays.


from 1300 GHS for 1 or 1100 GHS per horse from 2 and above

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