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Vegetarian Corner

Restaurant, The Green Ranch at Lake Bosomtwe, GhanaOur restaurant only serves the tastiest and freshest vegetarian fare. We cook a different stew or sauce each day but the basics of our menu remain the same. We also have some homemade fresh juices and desserts to surprise you. We like to call Maguy our chef the best chef in Ghana, and after you taste our food, we hope you will agree with us.

While you enjoy our food you will also enjoy the stunning vista across the lake and mountains. Meals are served on the veranda above your room with a 180-degree view of the area.

One of the very important things that we set out to do from the conception of this project was to be water independent and by visiting us you will benefit from this too.
We have a borehole with natural mineral water that we also filter. This water comes at every outlet of the Ranch and is guaranteed all pure and safe. It is our way to reduce plastic consumption and treatment. We always keep a good supply in our fridge in reusable glass bottles so you can enjoy glass after glass of cool fresh drinking water. And for Free.